Can You Pressure Wash A Metal Roof ?

Pressure washing a metal roof can clean it by blasting away dirt, moss, and debris with pressurized water but don’t use narrow high-pressure jets as they may damage protective coatings or scratch the metal use under 3,000 PSI with a wide fan spray nozzle and keep it moving. Metal roofs accumulate dirt, moss and debris over time but before pressure washing consider can you pressure wash a metal roof without damaging it use under 3000 PSI with a wide nozzle, keep your distance, and move continuously to clean without scratching the surface or harming protective coatings. A pressure washer’s intense spray can clean deeply embedded gunk but risks roof damage. By controlling PSI, nozzle width, distance, and motion, stains can be lifted without harming the surface. Smaller gaps and cracks, caulk without gun can effectively seal them.

Benefits Of Pressure Washing A Metal Roof

Pressure washing a metal roof offers numerous advantages. Firstly, it efficiently removes dirt, debris, and algae, enhancing the roof’s aesthetic appeal. A clean metal roof not only looks better but also contributes to the overall curb appeal of your home. Pressure washing helps prevent rust and corrosion by eliminating accumulated contaminants. This extends the lifespan of the metal roof, saving you money on potential repairs or replacements.

Long-Term Damage Pressure Washing And Metal Roofing

Pressure-washing metal roofing might seem like a quick fix, but it can lead to long-term damage. The forceful water can strip away protective coatings, exposing the metal to rust. Over time, this weakens the roof’s integrity, making it more prone to leaks and corrosion.

Pressure washing can force water beneath the roof panels, causing hidden damage. The trapped moisture can foster mold and mildew growth, threatening the roof’s durability. In the pursuit of a clean appearance, be cautious not to compromise the longevity of your metal roof. Regular maintenance without the high pressure is key to preserving its strength and longevity.

Wet And Forget Metal Roof Cleaner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should Metal Roofs Be Washed? No, metal roofs generally do not require washing as they are low maintenance and resistant to mold and algae growth.

Is It OK To Pressure Wash A Roof? It is not recommended to pressure wash a roof as it can cause damage to shingles and potentially lead to leaks.

Can You Walk On A Metal Roof To Clean It? Yes, you can walk on a metal roof to clean it, but caution and proper safety measures are necessary to avoid damage or injury.


Pressure washing can effectively clean metal roofs when done properly. Use wide-spray nozzles below 3000 PSI. Keep the nozzle moving and don’t get too close. This avoids damaging protective coatings or scratching the surface. Afterward, inspect for any harm and spot treat areas. Clean up any debris flushed off by the pressure washing. Allow the roof to fully dry to prevent moisture issues. Reapply protective treatments if needed to restore water resistance. Proper technique allows thorough cleaning without long-term roof damage. Get help from a professional if unsure.