Can You Put Metal Roofing Directly On Plywood?

Metal roofing installed right on top of plywood decking, without any underlayment or spacer, allows for condensation buildup and rot over time. The plywood needs protection from moisture before metal roofing goes on to prevent issues down the road. Metal roofing brings durability. But mistakes install it. Like on plywood alone. That invites wet rot as condensation has no escape. So can you put metal roofing directly on plywood? You can, but should not without protection. To enhance insulation, attach foam board insulation to the metal roof between the plywood and the roofing material. This helps create an air gap, preventing condensation buildup and potential rotting issues. Ideal spacers like roofing felt or synthetic underlayment also protect the plywood deck.

Preparation For Metal Roofing Installation

Start by clearing the roof. Remove old shingles and debris. Check for any repairs needed. Ensure a smooth surface for metal installation. Next, measure accurately. Precision is key. Order materials accordingly.

Plan for overlaps and edges. Avoid wastage and delays. Secure the framework tightly. Use screws, not nails. Ensure a strong foundation. This step is crucial for durability. Follow these steps for a successful metal roofing installation.

Long-Term Impact Metal Roofing Installation Directly On Plywood

Metal roofing, when installed directly on plywood, offers lasting benefits. Its durability shields the plywood from weather damage, extending the roof’s lifespan. This shields the structure from leaks and rot, promoting long-term stability.

Plywood Vs Purlins Under Metal Roofing

Choose between plywood and purlins wisely. Plywood offers a solid base, crucial for stability. It’s suitable for various roof types. Ensure proper thickness for optimal support. On the other hand, purlins are horizontal beams. They provide a cost-effective alternative. Install them correctly for proper weight distribution. Consider your specific needs when deciding between plywood and purlins for a reliable metal roofing foundation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Attach A Metal Roof To Plywood? Use screws to firmly attach the metal roof to the plywood, ensuring a secure and durable connection. Should I Put Plywood Under My Metal Roof? Yes, plywood is recommended for a solid and stable foundation under a metal roof. It provides essential support and ensures durability. Do You Need To Put Anything Under A Metal Roof? Yes, a solid base is essential. Consider options like plywood or purlins for stability and support.


Installing metal over plywood is not odd. But leave an air gap. Use roofing felt for this. Or synthetic underlayment works too. This protects from condensation. Ensures plywood lasts over time. Prevents issues like mold and rot later. An airspace is vital under metal roofing. Felt or synthetic underlayment makes it. Failing to do this risks major trouble. This could lead to replacing compromised decking prematurely. Proper installs avoid problems. Bring long-term savings. And let you enjoy durability benefits of metal.