Can You Put Metal Roofing Directly On Rafters?

Metal roofing directly on rafters is a method where metal panels or shingles are installed directly over the rafters, eliminating the need for sheathing or underlayment. This approach offers a durable, long-lasting solution for residential and commercial buildings. Proper installation, ventilation, and flashing are crucial for a successful metal roof installation on rafters. Can you put metal roofing directly on rafters? Yes, it’s possible. This installation method skips sheathing and underlayment. Metal panels attach directly to exposed rafters. It offers durability and longevity. But correct ventilation and flashing are crucial. Proper installation prevents moisture issues. The direct-to-rafter metal roofing installation method has pros and cons. It saves on materials and labor costs. But it requires careful planning and execution. Adequate ventilation and flashing are essential for long-term performance.

Preparing The Rafters

Preparing the rafters for metal roofing is crucial for a durable and weather-resistant roof. Start by ensuring the rafters are structurally sound and evenly spaced. Next, install solid sheathing or decking to provide a flat surface for the metal roofing.

Fastening The Metal Roof

To fasten a metal roof, start by laying down a layer of underlayment over the sheathing. Next, use screws or nails to secure the metal panels to the roof deck, placing fasteners in the designated spots on each panel. It’s important to use the correct type and length of fasteners to ensure a secure installation.

Maintenance And Care

When considering installing metal roofing directly on rafters, maintenance and care are essential. Regular inspection of the roof is necessary to identify any signs of damage or wear. Prompt repairs can prevent issues from escalating and prolong the lifespan of the roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need Plywood Under A Metal Roof? Yes, it’s recommended to use plywood or another solid sheathing under the metal roofing for structural support and to provide a flat, even surface. Should I Put Anything Under A Metal Roof? Yes, it’s recommended to put a solid sheathing or deck under a metal roof. Do I Need Furring Strips Under A  Metal Roof? Yes, you may need furring strips under a metal roof to provide a level surface and allow for proper ventilation.


In conclusion, metal roofing directly on rafters is a viable option for many projects. It offers durability and longevity when installed correctly. Proper ventilation and flashing are critical for preventing moisture issues. This method can save on material and labor costs. Careful planning and execution are crucial for a successful installation. Seek professional guidance to ensure compliance with building codes and manufacturer guidelines. With the right approach, a direct-to-rafter metal roof can provide long-lasting protection for your structure.