Chimney Counter Flashing

Chimney counter flashing is metal installed where the chimney meets the roof. It sits on top of shingles and under the chimney to create a water barrier. Diverts rainwater runoff away from chimney and roof joints preventing leaks inside home. Rain seeping into your home where the chimney meets the roof causes leaks and rot. Chimney counter flashing creates a water barrier, diverting rain away. This metal flashing sits on top of shingles, under the chimney. It seals joints vulnerable to leaks so you enjoy a dry, sound roof and home. Properly installed chimney counter flashing creates a water-resistant barrier between the chimney and roof. Overhang on a metal roof can exacerbate the vulnerability to moisture, as water penetrates where masonry touches shingles and flows into framing where you can’t see.

Install Chimney Counter Flashing On A Metal Roofing System

To secure your metal roof against leaks around the chimney, install chimney counter flashing. Start with the base flashing at the chimney’s bottom edge, extending it onto the metal roof. Use materials like aluminum or galvanized steel, ensuring durability.

Common Issues With Chimney Counter Flashing On Metal Roofing

Metal roofing paired with chimney counter flashing can face common issues. Sometimes, improper installation allows water to sneak in. If the base flashing isn’t snug against the chimney, leaks are likely. Water finding its way behind the counter flashing spells trouble too.

Types Of Chimney Flashing

Here are short descriptions of common types of chimney flashing. Step Flashing: L-shaped metal pieces layered along the chimney and roof, creating a stepped effect. Continuous Flashing: Single piece of metal running along the base of the chimney, suitable for ridge or flat roofs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Counter Flashing A Chimney Detail? Chimney counter flashing is a water-blocking duo. Base flashing sends water away, and counter flashing caps it, sealed tight. Overlap is key to keeping the roof dry and free from leaks, a simple but crucial detail. What Is The Purpose Of Chimney Flashing? Chimney flashing keeps water out. It’s metal installed on the roof. Stops leaks, protects your home. Base flashing at bottom, counter flashing on chimney. They overlap, sealing with waterproof stuff. Simple but crucial for a dry home. What Is The Best Flashing For A Chimney? Metal flashing offers prime chimney protection. Install base flashing at the chimney base, extending onto the roof. Embed counter flashing in chimney mortar, fold over the base, seal tightly, ensure overlap for leak prevention.


Chimney counter flashing is an important roofing element. It creates a water barrier between the chimney and shingles. This metal flashing diverts rainwater away from vulnerable joints. It prevents leaks, decay, and structural damage. Don’t forget this step when installing or replacing your chimney. Correctly installing chimney counter flashing takes skill. Work with an experienced roofer or masonry pro. They will ensure proper placement and function. This protects your chimney, roof, and home from moisture damage. It preserves structural integrity. Your biggest investment deserves quality craftsmanship.