Do I Need Tar Paper Under Metal Roof?

Tar paper under a metal roof stops leaks and moisture. It insulates your home better. It cuts down on rain noise. Tar paper protects your roof deck from damage. It helps your metal roof last longer. Your metal roof needs a secret hero. It’s tar paper. This layer does more than you think. It fights leaks and moisture. It keeps your home cozy. So, do i need tar paper under metal roof? Yes. It’s your roof’s best friend. install heat cable on metal roof can further enhance its durability and functionality. Tar paper isn’t just an extra step. It’s a key player in your roof’s defense team. This layer works hard under your metal roof, blocking water and stopping rot, while also keeping your energy bills down.

Install Metal Roof

Installing a metal roof? Start with proper preparation. Clean the roof surface thoroughly. Remove any debris or old roofing material. Ensure the roof deck is smooth and free of protrusions. Next, lay down the underlayment. Tar paper works well for moisture protection.

High Temperature Underlayment For Metal Roof

If you’re considering a metal roof, think about the underlayment. High temperatures demand a durable solution. Underlayment acts as a barrier, protecting your roof from heat and moisture. It’s crucial for maintaining the roof’s integrity over time.

Why Use Tar Paper Under Metal Roof?

Using tar paper under a metal roof is essential. It shields against moisture, safeguarding the roof deck from harm. It adds an extra layer of defense against leaks, protecting the underlying structure. Tar paper also offers fire resistance, crucial for safety in fire-prone areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need Wood Strips Under  Metal Roofing? Modern synthetic underlayments can provide effective moisture protection under metal roofing without the need for wood strips. Do You Need Insulation Under A  Metal Roof? Insulation under a metal roof improves energy efficiency and prevents moisture issues, serving as a beneficial alternative to traditional tar paper. Is Tar Paper Necessary When Roofing? Modern synthetic underlayments offer comparable moisture and leak protection, potentially rendering traditional tar paper unnecessary in roofing projects.


When deciding whether to use tar paper under a metal roof, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits against modern alternatives. While tar paper offers moisture and leak protection, synthetic underlayments provide similar advantages and comply with building codes. These alternatives, resistant to tearing and easy to install, may make tar paper obsolete in roofing projects. Advancements in roofing technology continually improve the performance and reliability of alternative materials, further challenging the necessity of traditional tar paper.