Exposed Truss Skylight

Exposed truss skylight has beams on display. Structure is visible from inside. Allows natural light into space. Style blends industrial and modern. Common in lofts and large rooms. Makes a bold architectural statement. Can be customized for any building. Bring the outdoors inside your space. Natural light pours through beams. exposed truss skylight transforms rooms. Style meets function with flair. Eye-catching statement piece shines. Brighten up your home or office. Elevate any interior with skylights. Exposed beams add industrial charm, with each secured by screws per metal roof panel. Skylights flood interiors with light. Design blends modern and rustic styles. Open concept spaces feel brighter. Vaulted ceilings get new dimension. Customizable for any building type.

Types Of Truss Roofs

Truss roofs come in various designs, each suited to different architectural styles, structural requirements, and aesthetic preferences. Here are some common types of truss roofs:

Choosing The Right Skylight Size

Choosing the right skylight size is crucial for a balanced design. Consider the space where it will be installed. A small skylight may not provide enough light, while a large one might overwhelm the room.

Finishing The Skylight Well

Finishing the skylight well is crucial for both aesthetics and functionality. Proper sealing ensures no leaks, protecting the interior from water damage. Quality materials and craftsmanship guarantee longevity and durability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Leave Trusses Exposed? Yes, you can leave trusses exposed in architectural design, adding a unique aesthetic while showcasing structural elements. Can You Put A Velux Window In A Trussed Roof? Yes, you can install a Velux window in a trussed roof. It requires careful planning and specific Velux products for trussed roofs. Is It Worth Getting A Skylight That Opens? Yes, getting a skylight that opens is worth it. It brings in fresh air, regulates temperature, and enhances the ambiance of your space.


Exposed truss skylights offer both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. Their visible trusses create a sense of openness and charm in modern  spaces. By flooding rooms with natural light and providing ventilation, they enhance comfort and energy efficiency. Investing in an opening skylight adds further functionality, allowing for fresh air circulation and temperature control. Proper installation is crucial to prevent issues such as leaks or drafts.