FOAMULAR 150 Vs 250 Which Is Best For Your Project?

Foamular 150 and 250 are types of extruded polystyrene insulation board. Foamular 150 has an R-value of 5 per inch while Foamular 250 has an R-value of 8 per inch, meaning 250 provides more insulation per inch. Both are lightweight, water resistant rigid foam boards used for insulation in walls, roofs and foundations to improve energy efficiency. Want better insulation for your next project? Foamular 150 and 250 are extruded polystyrene boards that differ in efficiency. Foamular 250 has a higher R-value, meaning better insulation per inch. But Foamular 150 costs less while still providing good thermal resistance. Choose based on your climate, budget and how much insulation you need. Foamular insulation boards come in 150 and 250 types, rating thermal resistance. 250 insulates better per inch with R-8 but costs more. R-5 Foamular 150 still improves energy efficiency for less. Pick type by climate and budget needs.

FOAMULAR 150 Vs 250: What’s The Difference?

FOAMULAR 150 and FOAMULAR 250 are insulation boards by Owens Corning. They differ in compressive strength: 150 is 15 psi, 250 is 25 psi. Both have similar R-values around 5 per inch. 150 suits lighter loads, while 250 is for heavier ones. Cost-wise, 250 tends to be pricier. Both are easily available for construction needs.

Moisture Resistance Of FOAMULAR Insulation

FOAMULAR insulation stands strong against moisture. It shields buildings from dampness, safeguarding against potential damage. Its robust structure keeps water at bay, ensuring long-lasting protection for your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Foamular 250 Used For? FOAMULAR 250 is primarily used for applications requiring higher compressive strength, such as heavy-duty residential, commercial, or industrial projects. What Is Foamular 150 Used For? FOAMULAR 150 is commonly used for insulation in walls, roofs, and foundations to provide thermal protection and moisture resistance. What Is Equivalent To Foamular 250? FOAMULAR 250 is equivalent to insulation boards with a compressive strength of approximately 25 psi.


Foamular insulation boards provide energy efficiency. The 150 type has an R-value of 5 per inch. The 250 type rates even better at R-8 per inch thickness. Both resist moisture while staying lightweight. Decide which Foamular works best for your specific project. In cold climates, choose 250 for maximum insulation if budget allows. In warmer zones, an affordable 150 still improves thermal resistance. Evaluate climate and cost needs. Then pick the Foamular to optimize walls, roofs or foundations.