Installing Gutter Apron On Existing Roof

A gutter apron is a piece of flashing installed where a roofline meets a gutter, to prevent water from getting behind the gutter and causing leaks or rotting; adding an apron to an existing roof requires carefully lifting or detaching the shingles so the metal can be slid underneath before reattaching. An existing roof meets a gutter. Water leaks behind. Rot spreads. Shingles lift, apron slides under. No more leaks. No more rot. Installing a gutter apron on an existing roof transforms problem areas. Safeguards investment. Prevents damage. Simple upgrade, lasting benefits. Rotting wood remains intact. Lifting shingles allows installing. Sliding metal flashing underneath is key. Reattaching shingles seals the gap. Diverting water away protects the roof. Lasting solution without full replacement. Simple upgrade prevents major issues.

How Does A Gutter Apron Work?

A gutter apron works by directing water away from the edge of your roof. It’s installed under the shingles and over the back edge of the gutter. This prevents water from seeping behind the gutter and causing damage.

Gutter Apron Benefits

A gutter apron is a small, but crucial, component of a gutter system that is often installed underneath the edge of the roof where the gutter meets the fascia board. Here are some benefits of gutter aprons:

Gutter Apron Flat Roof

To install a gutter apron on a flat roof, start by gathering your materials: a gutter apron, ladder, nails, hammer, and safety gear. Clean the roof edge and measure the length needed for the gutter apron.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Gutter Apron Go Over The Gutter? No, the gutter apron goes under the shingles and over the edge of the roof, helping direct water into the gutter. How Do You Fasten A Gutter Apron? You fasten a gutter apron by nailing it along the top flange, spacing nails evenly. Ensure a secure attachment for proper performance. Which Is Better A Drip Edge Or Gutter Apron? A gutter apron is generally considered better as it provides additional protection by directing water away from the fascia, while a drip edge primarily prevents water from seeping under the roofing material.


An existing roof can be upgraded. Installing a gutter apron seals gaps. It diverts water properly. Shingles lift temporarily. Carefully sliding metal underneath prevents leaks. So unnecessary replacement is avoided. A simple addition protects an investment. Gutter apron installation is effective. Shingling was replaced carefully afterwards. Caulk seals any remaining spots. Gutter tests don’t show any leaks. Wood rot or mold growth ends. Roof life extended at low cost. Protecting the roof protects the house.