Knauf Ecoroll R 13 Kraft Faced Fiberglass Insulation Roll All Sizes

Knauf Ecoroll R 13 is a fiberglass insulation product with a reinforced kraft paper facing used in walls, floors and attics. It has an R-Value of 13 to resist conductive and convective heat flow for thermal efficiency. The facing provides a vapor retarder to reduce moisture movement. Looking to insulate your home? Knauf ecoroll R 13 kraft faced fiberglass insulation roll provides thermal and acoustic insulation for walls, floors and attics. With an R-value of 13, this lightweight, eco-friendly product resists heat flow for energy savings and noise reduction in your living spaces. Easy installation makes it a great DIY project. This fiberglass insulation product has a reinforced paper facing to create a vapor barrier. Metal Roofs Interfere With Cell Phone Reception. It resists heat transfer, lowering energy costs. The rolls come in various thicknesses to obtain different R-values. It’s lightweight and easy to install in walls or attic spaces.

Advantages Of Knauf Ecoroll R 13 Kraft Faced Fiberglass

Efficient Temperature Control: The R-13 thermal resistance ensures effective regulation of indoor temperatures, keeping spaces warm in winter and cool in summer.

Knauf Insulation Cost

Knauf insulation prices can vary significantly depending on the type of insulation, the amount needed, and geographic location. Some factors that impact Knauf insulation pricing include:

What Are The Best Practices For Installing Insulation On Metal Roofing

The best practices for installing insulation on metal roofing involve various methods and materials. Here are some key points based on the search results: Proper Installation Process: When insulating under a metal roof, it’s important to ensure the insulation is installed properly to control noise, manage heat flow, and prevent condensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is EcoRoll Insulation? EcoRoll insulation is a fiberglass product by Knauf with varying R-values. It provides effective thermal resistance and often features Kraft facing for moisture control. What Size Is Fiberglass Insulation? Fiberglass insulation comes in various sizes, typically in rolls or batts, with common widths ranging from 15 to 24 inches and lengths varying based on specific product lines and applications. What Is The Standard Width Of Roll Insulation? The standard width of roll insulation typically ranges from 15 to 24 inches, but it can vary based on specific product offerings and manufacturer specifications.


Knauf Ecoroll R 13 is a smart option to insulate your home. With an R-13 value, it resists conductive and convective heat flow for better energy efficiency. The kraft facing also blocks moisture penetration into walls and attics. This product is lightweight, eco-friendly, and easy to install as a DIY project. Overall, Knauf Ecoroll R 13 kraft faced fiberglass insulation roll boosts thermal and acoustic performance. It lowers your energy bills while reducing noise transfer. With various sizes available, you can find the right fit for your spaces. For an affordable insulation solution, this quality product line is worth considering.