What Is A Deck Mounted Skylight?

Deck mounted skylights are windows installed on roof decks to let in natural light. They are mounted directly onto the deck rather than on curbs allowing light through openings in the roofing. Useful for lighting rooms below without installing larger traditional skylights. What is a deck mounted skylight? It’s a window installed flush on a roof deck rather than a curb to let light into rooms below. Allows more natural light without a protruding bubble skylight. Offers views of the sky and saves on artificial lighting. Sleek addition to modern flat roofs. Unlike bubble skylights, they sit flush with the roofline. This sleek, low profile allows them to blend seamlessly into modern flat roof designs. Yet they still brighten rooms with natural light from above. Best of both worlds.

Premium Deck Mounted Solar Venting Skylight FVS G3

The Premium Deck Mounted Solar Venting Skylight FVS G3 is an innovative addition to modern architecture. Harnessing solar energy, it brings natural light into your space while providing efficient ventilation. Its deck-mounted design seamlessly integrates with your roof, offering a sleek and unobtrusive appearance.

Premium Deck Mounted Solar Venting Skylight FVS G31

A Premium Deck Mounted Solar Venting Skylight FVS G31 is a modern marvel for your living space. Harnessing solar power, it effortlessly combines function and style. This innovative skylight not only floods your room with natural light but also ventilates it, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

Safety Features Of A Deck Mounted Skylight

Deck-mounted skylights are a popular choice for bringing natural light into a space while providing ventilation and aesthetic appeal. To ensure safety, several features and considerations should be taken into account:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Three Types Of Skylights? The three types of skylights are fixed skylights, ventilating skylights, and tubular skylights. What Does A Curb Mounted Skylight Look Like? A curb-mounted skylight typically sits on a raised frame (curb) above the roofline, with flashing and sealing to secure it against weather. Its design allows for easier installation and better insulation. What Is The Use Of Skylight? Skylights are used to bring natural light into indoor spaces, enhancing illumination and reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.


Deck mounted skylights offer advantages over bubble skylights. The flat profile integrates into modern roof lines. Flush installation is simpler. They bring in bountiful natural light. A seamless way to create bright, uplifting spaces. Good option to illuminate rooms without major remodeling. Easy to install compared to traditional skylights. Frameless glass and minimalist style fits with contemporary homes. Lets you enjoy sunlight and views without impacting the roofline. Sleek solar tubes could work too.